Museum House



Diko Iliev House-Museum in Oryahovo. There are three exhibitions in it, one of which tells about the life of a famous composer. "Here you will see his personal belongings, documents and photographs, most of which are donations. There is also a workbook by Diko Iliev. In the other hall there is an exposition for actor Andrey Chaprazov, who is also from Oryahovitsa. In the exhibition you can see his furniture and personal belongings, as well as materials from his personal archive - programs in which he participated, his personal documents, including his membership cards for the Union of Artists and the Union of Filmmakers. There are photographs, and they are especially valuable from a working meeting with the Club for Artistic Speech at the Youth Home in Oryahovo. Also included is a crystal bowl, which he received as a reward for his participation in the play Cyrano de Bergerac. There is a mirror from his dressing room and his stage costume. In the third hall there are exhibits showing the urban life of the 20s and 30s of the last century. You can see authentic wall paintings that have been restored, furniture from those years. Very interesting are the two newspapers - "Danube Tribune", the predecessor of the "Oryahov Tribune", issue of 1937, and "Oryahov Trade Journal" from 1931. Viennese gilded porcelain, books from the 1920s, a gramophone with a funnel and original gramophone records from the 1930s are interesting. ” Today we can happily congratulate ourselves for this renewed exhibition, presenting the life and apostolic mission of Diko Iliev as the founder and leader of the first wind music in Northwestern Bulgaria. It presents items and documents donated by the artist's daughter Alexandria Dikova. You can see musical instruments and a wristwatch, as well as an accordion with which the musician taught Oryahov children. A music notebook donated by Diko Iliev's grandchildren is also valuable.